40,320 Pieces for Puttinu

By Steven Galea, Accountant

They say life is one big puzzle. In my case it is that, and a lot of “smaller” ones. I have been doing jigsaw puzzles since I was five. Fast forward nearly 50 years, and puzzling is ideal for my lifestyle, a hobby I can enjoy, abandon, and return to at will. Regardless of work deadlines, travel, family and little time to relax – the puzzle board is always there, laid out, waiting – eventually the puzzle will be completed.

I am not alone in this hobby, so my latest project, 40320 PIECES FOR PUTTINU, is a team effort and a combination of puzzling with a fundraising campaign for PUTTINU CARES.

I purchased the world’s largest fully interlocking jigsaw puzzle, the 40320 piece Memorable Disney Moments. This is a monster puzzle, 22ft x 6ft, with a picture of 10 different Disney cartoons, ideal for a children’s hospital. 10 volunteers offered to build a frame each.

I would like to collect €40,320, symbolically €1 for each piece of the puzzle. This will go towards the €17 million UK housing project for Maltese children and families. A meeting with Puttinu Cares CEO Rennie Zerafa left me speechless at the shocking statistics. The number of cancer patients continues to grow, but thankfully also the number of patients who are cured.

Donations are easy, a simple blank SMS to the following designated numbers: 50617380/ €2.33, 50618939/ €6.99, 50619225/ €11.65.

The campaign runs from January to May 2018, and hopefully, a team effort involving the puzzle assemblers, sponsors and the public, will result in the presentation of the completed puzzle and a donation of €40,320 during the PUTTINU CARES NATIONAL FUNDRAISING MARATHON in May 2018.

Members are invited to inform the institute about their appointments for due consideration, to be included in this section of the journal

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