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An exam attendance docket will be available from myACCA for the June exams, detailing the exam date, time, venue and the paper/s you are entered to sit for.

In your first year as an ACCA student you will be required to pay an annual subscription if you complete your initial registration before 8 May.

May 8 Online applications for late exam entries must be received by this date for June exams.


Exams will be held over an eight-day period in the first and second week as follows:

Monday 2nd June F5 Performance Management P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance
FTX Foundations in Taxations
Tuesday 3rd June F6 Taxation P4 Advanced Financial Management
MA2 Managing Costs and Finance FFM Foundations in Financial Management
Wednesday 4th June F7 Financial Reporting FA2 Maintaining Financial Records
Thursday 5th June F8 Audit and Assurance P5 Advanced Performance Management
MA1 Management Information
Friday 6th June F1 Accountant in Business F9 Financial Management
P6 Advanced Taxation FAB Accountant in Business
Monday 9th June F4 Corporate and Business Law P3 Business Analysis
Tuesday 10th June F3 Financial Accounting P2 Corporate Reporting


July 15 Requests should be submitted to ACCA for special consideration when marking scripts in respect of the June exam sessions.

Are You Ready To Qualify?

You are eligible to become an ACCA member as soon as you have:

  • completed your exams
  • completed the Professional Ethics module
  • achieved 36 months’ practical experience in a relevant role, having recorded the detail through the ‘work experience’ section of your online My Experience record

and either:

  • answered the challenge questions for 13 performance objectives and had these reviewed and signed off by your workplace mentor


  • can confirm your employer has granted you a Performance Objective exemption because they are an ACCA Approved Employer – trainee development stream, holding gold or platinum level.

So make sure that you:

  • Regularly update your PER progress using My Experience. If you don’t you’ll miss the opportunity to receive an invite to become a member quickly and smoothly.
  • Keep copies of any documentation relating to your employment and relevant work experience; this may be required for PER audit purposes.
  • Complete the Professional Ethics module.
  • Keep your contact details up-to-date, particularly your email address, to ensure you receive your invitation to become an ACCA member.

Getting Your Invitation To Membership

All you have to do, once you have completed the steps above, is simply wait to receive your invitation. We will track your progress towards meeting the membership requirements then email or write to invite you to become a member as soon as you are ready. There is no need to apply.

Still Want To Apply?

You can still apply for membership once you have completed the steps above. You can do so online at myACCA or download and complete the application form in the Related Documents section and return it to us.

Not Ready Yet?

If you are not yet ready for membership then we are happy to support you as you continue working towards completing your PER. Please remember to keep updating My Experience with your progress.

Are You A Newly Registered ACCA Student?

After you have registered to study we will offer you lots of resources and support to help you as you start your journey to achieving your qualification. Below you will find some of the essential things you will need to know once you’ve registered.


myACCA provides you with access to your own personal account with us. You will be provided with your login details by email once your application has been processed.

Once you have access to myACCA some of the things you will be able to do are:

  • register for and pay for exams
  • opt to receive exam results by email and text message
  • pay your annual subscription
  • update your contact details
  • access the tools for recording any practical experience you gain whilst studying ACCA.

We strongly recommend you visit your personal account under myACCA regularly so you do not miss any important information on courses for ACCA students and to ensure you are keeping your details up-to-date.

Essential Information For Students – Facts

The FACTS booklet is your handbook. The information in this booklet is essential reading as it explains what you need to do as you study and train towards achieving your qualification with us. It contains information on:

  • Professionalism
  • Basics – key information, dates and fees, exemptions
  • How to study
  • ACCA exams
  • Practical experience
  • Ethics module
  • Rules and regulations

You will find your FACTS booklet in myACCA under essential information.

If you prefer to find out the information you need by video, we have produced four that are based on the FACTS booklet. You will find information on

  • How to get started
  • How to pass exams
  • How to get experience
  • How to be professional.

Practical Experience Requirements

Becoming an ACCA qualified accountant does not just involve passing your exams, you also need to complete our Practical Experience Requirement (PER). You can gain your practical experience before, during or after you complete the ACCA exams.

Practical experience is relevant if you are studying for the ACCA Qualification or want to achieve the CAT Qualification under Foundations in Accountancy.

Visit myACCA where you will find:

  • your own personal recording tool – My Experience. You will need to use this to record any practical experience you have gained if you are studying for the ACCA Qualification


  • foundations in practical experience record (FPER) and summary if you are studying for the CAT Qualification.

ACCA Self CheckSelf-Check Modules

Are you part way through your studies but struggling to pass your exams? Be honest with yourself. Could your English and/or Maths skills be a reason?

Then why not complete our self-check modules to get a realistic assessment of your proficiency in English and Maths? If you’re struggling, we have suggested interventions to help you improve. Our self-check modules in English and Maths are optional to complete, free of charge and anonymous so it won’t get written back to your student record and only you will know the results and feedback.

It could help give you the confidence and reassurance you need to feel ready to tackle your exams at the next exam session. And if your English and Maths skills could do with some improvement then no need to worry. There are e-learning modules which are free of charge which you can opt to complete to help improve your maths skills and links to learning materials offered by other providers to help you improve your English skills.

Visit ACCA’s Virtual Learning Centre to access the English and Maths self-check modules

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