A Former ACCA Student’s Experience

Janice Copperstone is a qualified accountant currently employed at Trident Trust Company (Malta) Limited as an Accounting and Tax Services Senior Executive. Her working experience kicked off with a 3 year spell in the tourism industry working as a hotel receptionist, however in 2008 she started her seven year journey at Deloitte forming part of the Finance and Administration department and shortly after, set her eyes on a career in accounting.

In this article, Janice Copperstone tells us about her academic experience and professional aspirations.

TA: What influenced you to opt for the accountancy profession?

JC: I started my journey at Deloitte as a receptionist within the Finance and Administration department, but being surrounded by so many professionals in different fields, I was enticed to start studying accountancy myself.

TA: Why did you opt for ACCA?

JC: When I decided to start studying I was also working full-time. I therefore needed to find a way to study and work simultaneously. The best option I found was following ACCA since the University of Malta only offers a full time option. In addition, I also knew that the ACCA qualification would strengthen my skills and knowledge relevant to any business out there, which would empower me to choose the type of accountancy role and organisation I wanted to work for. Another factor that made me go for ACCA is that ACCA is the global body for professional accountants with over 162,000 members and 428,000 students in 173 countries – a global programme that tracks the needs of industry and employers.

When following an ACCA programme you do not only gain specialist knowledge in finance and accounting, but you will also obtain beneficial skills in organisational management and strategy. This was important in my decision when I was shopping around to see what program I would follow because I knew that based on the above, ACCA was going to increase my career prospects and reduce the training costs of any future employer.

TA: Tell us more about your learning experience.

JC: I chose AIM Professional Academy and I can gladly say that all the lecturers I had knew their subjects very well, they were dedicated and were always ready to help and answer any of my queries at all times. The lecturers teach through their own experience so this helped me to understand the different scenarios in a much easier way. AIM, which makes use of BPP learning material, provides all that is needed for each module. Since I attended most lectures after a full day’s work, sometimes it was difficult to concentrate, but having access to the virtual learning environment (MyBPP) allowed me to catch up on anything I might have missed out on.

TA: Completing ACCA was…

JC: A huge satisfaction following very hard work! At times I found it to be very challenging balancing between work, studies and social life however I stayed focused and kept striving ahead. It is not easy seeing all your friends enjoying life and hitting the beaches when you are stuck at home studying, however in saying this, when I received that final email congratulating me on becoming a qualified accountant, I soon forgot about all those challenging times and knew that it was all worth the sacrifice.

TA: ACCA and your working career.

JC: It is surely not an easy task juggling between both my studies and work, however in saying this I must also admit that I benefited from the unique opportunity to put my studies into practice. I was also lucky to find the support of my employers which is key to studying. This definitely helped me get through all my exams.

TA: What are your career aspirations?

JC: At the moment my main priority is to deepen my knowledge through work experience and to keep abreast of changes within my field of expertise. I am very career-orientated and always look for bigger challenges.

TA: Any advice you may wish to share with the readers?

JC: It is very important to stay focused. Some people might lay doubt on their ability to succeed arguing that it is not going to be easy. In life nothing comes easy however you just need to work hard for what you want to achieve and believe in yourself! With the right support from the people closest to you, you will realise that anything is possible.


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