Award to ACCA Student

Ms Marica Xuereb has recently been awarded a certificate and award from ACCA for her outstanding performance in her December 2016 examination session. Ms Xuereb achieved the joint highest score worldwide with 93 marks in the F9 (Financial Management) examination sat by 15,822 candidates globally. She currently holds the position of assistant financial controller and studies ACCA through the Platinum approved learning partner, AIM Academy Malta.

The Minister for Education Mr Evarist Bartolo presented Ms Xuereb with a gift, during a presentation held at the offices of the Malta Institute of Accountants (the only Joint Scheme partner with ACCA in Malta). Present for the ceremony were Education Manager at ACCA; Mr Michael Cannon, MIA President; Mr Franco Azzopardi, MIA CEO; Ms Maria Cauchi Delia and Aim Director of Studies; Mr Steve Compagno.

SMP Forum 2017

The Small- and Medium- Sized Practices Advisory Committee of the Malta Institute of Accountants (MIA SMP Advisory Committee) organised its eight annual SMP Forum on 21 April 2017. A wide array of speakers were invited to discuss a range of topics of interest to small and medium practitioners. The event was attended by circa 130 attendees.

Fellow Honorary Members Certificate to Former MIA Presidents

On 16 May 2017, the Malta Institute of Accountants organised a special event to celebrate the institute’s history. This occasion gave special recognition to the past presidents of the MIA, commemorating their hard work and dedication which have shaped the institute into what it is today. A total of 19 presidents were elected as Fellow Honorary Members of the institute in recognition of their valuable contribution towards the institute and the profession during their respective terms.

The MIA president, Mr Franco Azzopardi delivered a short welcome speech highlighting the major milestones of the institute and the presidents behind them. A tribute was given to past presidents who have since passed away. Mr Azzopardi hailed each president, thanking them for their contribution and work in forming and developing generations of accountants, and expanding the institute from its humble beginnings to become the largest professional body on the island.

Mr Azzopardi continued by urging all members to follow the example of all present in upholding the highest standards of ethics. Insisting that as professionals we should never trade our values and ethical behaviour for anything.

The institute’s history has been documented in a book since it was formed 52 years ago. The book commissioned to commemorate the institute’s 50th Anniversary is expected to be published in the coming months.

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