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The MIA's new committees

The new remit of the MIA’s committees for the period 2016-2018 was concluded last December and one of the items on the agenda of the newly appointed Officers team was to set its strategy and direction for its current term.

An important part of the Institute’s mission is executed through the medium of committees and working groups which will run for the period 2018-2019. For this reason, the Institute reached out to all members to be an active member in any of the Institute’s committees/groups.

The committees’ modus operandi was restructured by increasing the number of committees/groups in line with the new realities that we as professional accountants are faced with and with the Institute’s expanding activities. Such restructuring now include the following categories and committees/groups:

Core Committees

AML Committee | Audit & Assurance Committee | Direct Taxation Committee | Ethics Committee | Financial Reporting Committee | Indirect Taxation Committee

Focused Committees

Digitilisation/IT Committee | Financial Services Committee | iGaming Committee | Local Regulatory Committee | Public Sector Committee

Focused Groups

PAIB Advisory Group | SMP Advisory Group | Young Members Group

Professional Support Groups

CPE Advisory Group | Education Advisory Group

Social Groups

Senior Members Networking Group

Most of the above mentioned committees started their meetings, and in due course members will be informed of the committee’s progress through the Institute’s communication channels. The following are the details of the composition of each committee (the Public Sector Committee, CPE Advisory Group and the Senior Member Networking Group will be finalised within the next few weeks):

Audit & Assurance Committee

Chairperson: Simon Flynn

Members: Silvio Busuttil, John Debattista, Joseph Ellul Falzon, Shawn Falzon, Thomas Galea, May Heng (Ben Scicluna substitute), Lucienne Pace Ross (Simon Flynn substitute), Ernestino Riolo, Janice Lyn Schembri, Bernard Scicluna, Sam Spiridonov

AML Committee

Chairperson: Juanita Bencini

Members: Arianne Azzopardi, Alan Craig, Aronne Debono, Dr Manfred Galdes, Dr Rakele Gauci, George Gregory, Vanessa Marletta, Lucienne Pace Ross, Joette Sciortino

Direct Taxation Committee

Chairperson: Craig Schembri

Members: Michael Agius, David Farrugia, Jana Farrugia, Ruth Farrugia, David Ferry, Jozef Wallace Galea, Chris Naudi, Paul Pace Ross, Edward Zammit

Digilalisation/IT Committee

Chairperson: Claudine Cassar

Members: Christopher Azzopardi, Franco Borg, Ramon Cutajar, Robert Debono, Ivan Grech, Gordon Micallef, Rudolph Mifsud Saydon, Adrian Mizzi

Ethics Committee

Chairperson: Anthony Doublet

Members: Nikolai Camilleri, David Caruana, Marcel Coppini, Etienne Dalli, Angie Fleri Soler, Mario Galea, Dunstan Magro, Nicolette Mirabelli, Franz Wirth

Financial Reporting Committee

Chairperson: Fabio Axisa

Members: Conrad Borg, Giselle Cini, Jonathan Dingli, Stephania Frendo, Dr Ivan Paul Grixti, Monique Micallef, Ernestino Riolo, Janice Lyn Schembri, Michelle Vassallo Pulis

Financial Services Committee

Chairperson: Alex Azzopardi

Members: Robert Ancilleri, Michael Bianchi (Investment Management) / Ian Coppini (Insurance), Christ Briffa, Luke Calleja, Joseph Camilleri, David Demarco, Elvia George, Christopher Portelli, Bertrand Spiteri, Aurelio Theuma, Reuben Zammit

iGaming Committee

Chairperson: Conrad Cassar Torregiani

Members: Chris Azzopardi, Jean Paul Busuttil, Vladimiro Comodini, Alan Craig, Lara Falzon, Shawn Falzon, Romina Soler, Audrey Vella

Indirect Taxation Committee

Chairperson: Anthony Pace

Members: Saviour Bezzina, Chris Borg, Jean Paul Busuttil, Russell Camilleri, David Ferry, Paul Giglio, Daniel Mifsud, Roderick Muscat, Karen Spiteri Bailey, Matthew Zampa

Local Regulatory Committee

Chairperson: David Leone Ganado

Members: Chris Balzan, Marcel Coppini, Clifford Delia, Mario Galea, Roderick Grech, Rolan Micallef Attard, Karen Voisin

Education Advisory Group

Chairperson: Maria Cauchi Delia

Members: Caroline Cassar Reynaud, Victoria Darmanin, Simon Flynn, Michael Falzon, (Paul Giglio substitute), Dunstan Magro, Adrienne McCarthy/ Jonathan Dingli, Maria Micallef, Stephen L. Muscat, Chris Naudi, David J. Pace, Paul Giglio

PAIB and Advisory Focus Group

Chairperson: Stephen L. Muscat

Members: Karl Bartolo, Stefan Bonello, Jacqueline Camilleri, Malcolm Camilleri, Noel Camilleri, Alan Frendo Jones, Kevin Mallia, Franz Wirth, Charles Xuereb

SMP Advisory Focus Group

Chairperson: David J. Pace

Members: Paul Bugeja, Silvio Busuttil, Zachary Cachia, Michael Curmi, John Debattista, Jean Paul Debono, John Richard Falzon, Jozef Wallace Galea, Paul Giglio, Roderick Grech, Dunstan Magro, Roderick Muscat, Franco Privitelli, Mark Scalpello, Arthur Turner, Carlsten Xuereb, Edward Zammit

Young Members Focus Group

Chairperson: Jean Paul Debono

Members: Giljan Aquilina, Clarence Attard, Christ Briffa, Zachary Cachia, Reuben Debono, Stephania Grech Duca, Steve Mamo, Michael Mercieca, Stefanel Mercieca Zammit, Dean Micallef, Noel Micallef, Daniel Mifsud, Roderick Muscat, Luke Sammut, Carlsten Xuereb, Matthew Xuereb, Reuben Zammit

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