Notice by the Department of Contracts

Since 2012, the Department of Contracts has worked in order to increase the take up of e-procurement across Government. In this regard significant progress has been registered over the last few years and this trend continued during 2016.

In fact, whereas by the end of December 2015, 15,231 e-tenders were published across Government, the figure increased to 22,206 by the end of December 2016, that is, a 46% increase. In terms of registered economic operators whereas at the end of December 2015 there were 3,159 of which 1,262 were non-Maltese economic operators, by the end of December 2016 this figure increased to 4,160 of which 1,480 were non-Maltese, that is, a 32% increase.

An important tool for the Department of Contracts to achieve this progress has been the regular delivery of hands-on training to economic operators in respect of how to use of the e-procurement system. In fact, during 2016 alone, 283 economic operators were given training over 45 training sessions. In order for economic operators to benefit from this free hands-on training they must register their interest by sending an e-mail to: [email protected].

FIAU Inherent Risk Analysis – Data Collection

On 26 April 2017, the Compliance Section of the FIAU announced that it had begun work on a project to produce a detailed risk analysis of Malta’s Credit Institutions, Trustees and Corporate Services Providers.

This project is an essential exercise to upgrade the FIAU’s risk-based analysis of organisations and individuals subject to Malta’s Anti-Money Laundering/Countering the Financing of Terrorism regime or ‘subject persons’. It is also an integral part of the process to bring Malta in line with the requirements of 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive and will contribute to Malta’s forthcoming MONEYVAL evaluation.

Each of the above mentioned groups of subject persons received an email requesting the completion of a set of questionnaires as part of this risk data collection exercise. The email contained two Excel worksheets, one for inputting inherent risk data (risk data) and the other for inputting risk mitigation data (mitigation data) and guidance notes for completing both Excel worksheets.

Respondents are required to complete the questionnaire by 31 August 2017. Access the news section on the FIAU website for more information.

Time to Update

Time to Update

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    16 June 2017
  • Becoming an Inspirational Leader using Emotional Intelligence
    22 June 2017
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    27 June 2017
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    5 October 2017

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  • Social event
    6 July 2017
  • AGM
    13 July 2017

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