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Demonstrating The Right Skills, Knowledge And Behaviour

As part of the Practical Experience Requirement (PER), as an ACCA student you are required to achieve performance objectives to demonstrate that you can apply the knowledge, skills and behaviours developed through the exams syllabuses to real-life, work activities.

Performance objectives describe the kind of activities you may carry out within the workplace. They show that, as well as possessing the technical ability, you have the right values and attitudes expected of an accountant.

You are required to achieve nine performance objectives in total, including:

  • All five Essentials objectives, and
  • Any four Technical objectives.
  • If you work for an approved employer you may be able to take advantage of the performance objective exemption.

Essential Performance Objectives

All five required:

  1. Professionalism and ethics
  2. Stakeholder relationship management
  3. Strategy and innovation
  4. Governance, risk and control
  5. Leadership and management

Technical Objectives

Choose any four from these categories:

  • Corporate reporting
  • Record and process transactions and events
  • Prepare external financial reports
  • Analyse and interpret financial reports
  • Financial management
  • Evaluate investment and financing decisions
  • Manage and control working capital
  • Identify and manage financial risk
  • Sustainable management accounting
  • Evaluate management accounting systems
  • Plan and control performance
  • Monitor performance
  • Taxation
  • Tax computations and assessments
  • Tax compliance and verification
  • Tax planning and advice
  • Audit and Assurance
  • Prepare for and plan the audit process
  • Collect and evaluate evidence for an audit
  • Review and report on the findings of an audit

You will demonstrate your achievement of the performance objectives to your practical experience supervisor by performing five activities in the workplace and writing a narrative statement for each performance objective.

Elements And Statements

The performance objectives are made up of elements which describe the skills and experience you must demonstrate and a statement where you summarise and reflect on your work activity. You will need to claim five elements and complete a statement for each performance objective.

Your PER progress – achievement of performance objectives, employment details and time completed in a relevant role, are all recorded in My Experience, which you can access through your my ACCA account.

Performance Objective Exemption

If you work for an ACCA Approved Employer who holds trainee development approval at Gold or Platinum level, then they may allow you to claim a performance objective exemption. This means that you do not need to document completing the performance objectives in My Experience.

However, it is important to confirm that your employer has this level of approval and whether they want to allow you to claim the performance objective exemption.

If you qualify for the exemption, you will still need to achieve 36 months’ experience and record this in My Experience.

Faqs About The PER

What Is My Status If I Have Passed All My Exams But Have Not Yet Completed The PER?

To become a member of ACCA and qualify as a professional accountant, you must pass all the exams, successfully complete the Professional Ethics module and complete the PER.

You cannot apply for membership until you have completed all three components.

What Do I Have To Do To Complete The Practical Experience?

There are three components to the PER:

  • completing 36 months’ employment in an accounting or finance-related role or roles
  • achieving five Essentials and at least four Technical performance objectives to the satisfaction of your practical experience supervisor
  • recording and reporting your PER progress through the online My Experiencerecord.

Faqs About Gaining Experience

Can I Use Work Experience Gained Before Commencing The Acca Qualification?

Yes. You can use experience from previous job roles (before or after registering as an ACCA student) to help you claim a performance objective. There is no specific time limit.

However, the qualified person who supervised your work at that time must be able to review and sign-off the performance objectives and time you claim on the basis of this experience.

Also, as the profession evolves continually, consider carefully if experience gained more than five years ago is still relevant.

Can Lecturing Experience Count Towards My PER?

Yes. Up to 12 months’ lecturing experience can count towards meeting the PER. The lecturing experience must be at a minimum level equivalent to the Fundamentals level of the ACCA Qualification and cover basic accounting, business studies and finance-related subjects.

I Am Currently Studying. Is It Possible To Use A Work Placement Or Internship Towards The PER?

Yes. You can use experience gained at either a work placement or internship if the work experience was relevant and provided sufficient breadth and depth to contribute towards achieving performance objectives. This experience must also have been properly supervised by a qualified accountant.

Can I Use Experience Gained In A Part-time Or Temporary Position Towards The PER?

Yes, provided that the work experience is of sufficient breadth and depth to contribute towards achieving performance objectives and is properly supervised by a qualified accountant.However, you may find that experience gained in a part-time or temporary position does not allow you to achieve many performance objectives and may not provide sufficient opportunities for career development.

Also, work experience gained on a part-time basis can only count towards the PER for membership on a pro-rata basis. You will be asked to enter the number of hours a week you work against your role in My Experience and your time will be automatically calculated. Therefore, wherever possible, it is advisable to obtain full-time work experience that is relevant, supervised and meets the PER. As a guideline, ACCA considers full-time work experience to be 35 hours per week. 1,540 hours of part-time work equates to 12 months of full-time work experience. This discounts annual leave and so on.

Is It Better To Get Your Work Experience In A Small Or Large Organisation?

As long as you are in a relevant accounting or finance role, the PER can be achieved in all sectors and sizes of organisation. Once in a relevant role, the first thing you need to do is find a practical experience supervisor you can work with to achieve your PER.

Can I Gain My Practical Experience From Different Countries?

Yes. You could start your qualification in one country and complete it somewhere entirely different – many ACCA trainees do. PER is completely transferable – across organisations, sectors and geographical locations.

To support trainees around the world, the ACCA has a network of national offices providing support and information for trainees including, in many cases, national websites.


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